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There are many changes that comes with old age and planning your future housing is very important. You need to find the right place where you can live old age, with all benefits.

MrPensioner is a housing facility that provide lifestyle, health and financial support. If your choice is MrPensioner, here you can enjoy a happy, healty and fulfilling life.


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Meet our Team of Talented Care Professionals. We are very glad to work with this amazing team:


For our services we have prices, below we have list of pricing that meets senior needs:

Our Services

Keep in mind that elders have different needs. Based on their needs we have some services as below:

Medication Management

Many seniors have medical issues or they forget to take medicines. We have dedicated staff such as doctors and nurses that take care for senior and give medical care to them.

Personal Care Services

If seniors are not able to take care of their personal hygiene we help them. This service include assistance in bathing, brushing teeth, shaving and putting on clean clothes.



Is very dangerous for seniors that have limited mobility to come around. This service include assistance in walk, exercises and different activities that help our loved one to have fun.

Money Management

It seems difficult for everyone to manage personal finances. Very difficult is and for seniors, for this we have our financial advisor that assist seniors to manage their money.

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August 1, 2019

Help pensioners to keep memories.

Remember that a selection of memories can be very special, so don’t expect that your project will pursue the same path as others. Memories passed down from generation to generation and we need to create legacy that will be remembered when we are gone. A collection of memories are personal, so don’t expect that...

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August 13, 2019

Help a Senior To Clean House

We clean our house everyday, and seniors need a hand of help with this because they have limit abilities. Specially seniors who live independently may disrespect cleaning in general, as it can be physically and mentally...

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