Help a Senior To Clean The House

13 August 2019

Help a Senior To Clean House

We clean our house everyday, and seniors need a hand of help with this because they have limit abilities. Specially seniors who live independently may disrespect cleaning in general, as it can be physically and mentally tiring. But how can we help them?

1. You need to create a to-do list

If your parent or loved one's home needs some help to clean the house, notice things that must be done. Also create a list of space that need a regular cleaning.

2. Select the products to use

Seniors have allergies to some products. and we have to be careful in what we choose.

3. Give seniors low-impact tasks

Seniors who have problems in moving won't be able to help you carry heavy bags of trash to the garbage, so you can do all of things by your self.

While you're doing the heavy lifting around the house, seniors can sort through their papers to throw out, or go through their collection of mementos, deciding what to keep, and cleaning these of any dust while sitting in a chair or on the couch. They can also sort through clothes while sitting – collect your loved one's clothing and bring it to them on the couch to sort through. Provide them with a garbage bag to dispose of clothing items they're ready to part with.

4.Take one day

Cleaning senior house takes time, especially when the person living in the home has mobility issues. This is no problem, you can do it. Consider the fact that you may have to move a couch that hasn't been moved in years to sweep or vacuum, and that you may encounter dirt in spots that aren't often used.

Considerater areas that collect dust or mold. Dust and pet hair can exacerbate allergies and asthma, and mold can do the same, causing itchy throat and eyes or even skin irritation. Removing mold from bathtubs or near the kitchen sink may require some dedicated time, and in addition to decluttering, a full house or apartment cleaning can take several hours. Give yourself enough time to do the job well – in other words, it may be best to set aside a full day to clean.

5. Make it a group activity

If you're a primary caregiver, you already do a lot on your own. When it comes time to clean and tidy, enlist the help of other family members to assist you. The work will go twice (or three times) as fast, and you can also make it more of a social event for the senior in your life.

You can split up assignments between the group, assigning the more rigorous tasks by room. One person can take the kitchen while another tackles the bathroom. Or you can decide that one person will focus on decluttering closets and the living room while the other cleans areas that are less crowded.

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  • Abigail Davies

    I appreciate this article. I agree that having conversations and helping our loved seniors is important. It can be tough though.

  • Aiden Richardson

    We've done it several times with our parents. It's a good way to contribute to their live.

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